New year, new book!
This year, I’ll be working on a set of notes for the text Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein.

If I may gush:

I absolutely adore this book!
It is heart-wrenching, devastating, and yet, I find myself laughing along with its protagonists because if I didn’t, I would not stop crying. It is also brilliantly written, comprising of a very unique writing structure and story-telling style, many allusions from which I have learnt so much, and very clear imagery. This is a wonderful book that you’ll have to read over and over again, to find all the clues that the first protagonist has left for us to discover.

This is also why I’m creating notes for this book, even though LitCharts and Shmoop has notes: because this is a rather complex and difficult book to completely appreciate and understand at the Singapore Express level, and the available notes online are scant.

So, I’ll be uploading all the notes for part 1, chapter by chapter, on this page. Part 2 will be found on a separate page. Do check back from time to time to download the next available batch of notes. Alternatively, you can follow me on Facebook or Instagram, which I’ll be actively updating every time I upload a new set of notes.

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Thank you, and have a great day!
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