A question I get asked a lot is about studying for social studies and English discursive/argumentative essays. What makes these two examination types so unique is the lack of spoon-feeding – there are no books or concrete notes that provide a student with the evidence required to attempt such essays.

To help with the learning process, I have decided to maintain an Excel sheet that lists news articles that are relevant to both Secondary Express and IB students. As an when you have a little pocket of time, feel free to read an article from the list to build on your general knowledge of both local and international affairs.

The Excel file can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PII-1FmjBBxLPzWDO8SEMpOlHQm-nvMnw4DYzUArgPU/edit?usp=sharing

Secondary Students: your priority should be to read all the articles in the “Articles Tab”. However, I would like to encourage you to read widely, and venture to the IB specific articles tab as well.

IB Students: be it for English, Literary Arts, Global Studies and PTK, all of the articles in the Excel file are relevant to you. So please do read the articles in both the Articles tab as well as the IB specific articles tab.

Good luck!

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