How has everyone been coping with the Circuit Breaker? Boredom aside, I hope everyone is, at least, fighting fit. The Circuit Breaker has made teaching very difficult for both teachers and tutors alike, and I’ve been impacted as well.

In light of the time needed to prepare and conduct my online classes, I no longer have the time to create proper and detailed sets of notes for my students. Nevertheless, I will not leave you with absolutely nothing. Instead, I will be posting annotations, scanned directly from various literature texts. Whilst not complete as a study guide, they will provide a foundation to help you understand the text better.

As these are scanned directly from the texts, I will make them free for everyone to download and use. I make absolutely no claims to the play, and all its components. Yes, the annotations are mine, and based on my interpretation of the text and its literary devices, but the notes will remain free.

The first of these is Perfecting Pratas by Desmond Sim. It is the first of the three plays in “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed”, an Anthology of Singapore Plays, edited by Ken Mizusawa.

To download, just click the big DOWNLOAD button below. The file is in a PDF format, and is printable.

I hope this helps anyone who has to study this text.
If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me or connect with me via Facebook.
Until then, take care!

I’m not too proud to accept a show of appreciation.
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Thank you, and have a great day!
(If you can’t afford it, it’s really not an issue. The notes will remain free to download. :D)


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6 thoughts on “Perfecting Pratas by Desmond Sim – Annotations

    1. Well, why make prata? It is because that’s what Albert’s late wife used to do. It is what Ben remembers of his late mother, and it’s one of the few memories of her that he has left. So, in making prata together, they have a connection that binds them as they grieve over her absence and hold each other more dearly because they are each all they have left in remembrance of her.


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