The Borrowed Boy is a tale, ironically, about Junaidah and the boy she borrows for the day to make herself feel better. Except things do not turn out the way she has planned and her attempts to plug the void within her results her in using another person. Instead of doing good, she becomes, ironically, more flawed.

As with the Reflections Framework I have shared previously, these notes have been created with the intention of helping you to reflect personally. Therefore, you will find that it comes with more questions that you have to ponder over than there are annotations and answers.

How, then, should you use these notes to help you in your study of the text?
Allow them to guide your thoughts as you settle yourself into a position of reflection.
Be as honest as you can with yourself, and also as elaborate as possible. Your goal should be to fully understand your opinions and beliefs – yourself, in essence – rather than to give the shortest answer possible to each question.

Stay safe and good luck!

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