Want to test your understanding of the anthology “Hook and Eye: Stories from the Margins”?

Writing essays can take a very long time, especially as there are so many questions. A great way to create notes for yourself whilst answering these questions is to mindmap.


This is not an excuse for you to run to Popular and spend far too much money on colourful stationery if you haven’t any already. (All your scrap bookers/bullet journallers know I’m talking about you :’D)

Save money, save the trees, don’t distract yourself with Shopping!

There’s an awesome platform you can use to make colourful mindmaps online – Lucid Chart!
Sign up for a free account and start mindmapping! It’s really easy to use!

Now, because it is a free account, there are some limitations but you can work around that.
You’re allowed to make a total of 3 documents, after which you will not be able to start anymore. BUT, you can have multiple pages per document. So instead of opening a new document, just start a new page!

This is handy for studying Literature, History, Social Studies, Geography, even the sciences! All you need is a little creativity. So, get cracking! The end is near, and you can do this.

I believe in you. ❤

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